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Hi There!

This is a detailed guide to a sucessful session.

Congratulations to you!
The first few days and weeks of a baby’s life are so magical and fleeting! Some of life’s fleeting moments are those of these first few weeks of your new baby!
Being able to freeze those moments for you is such an honor for me! ♥
I thought it might be helpful to write down how parents play an
important role to a successful, pleasant and
enjoyable experience for a successful newborn session.
I strive to make this experience stress freeand fun! There is nothing sweeter
then seeing your baby all swaddled up in a cute little prop!

So…. let’s get started! Let’s Pencil You In!
I highly recommend booking your newborn session as early as 6-4 weeks
prior to your approximate delivery date. That gives me enough time fully
customize a newborn session just for you! If anything else is needed
such as a coordinating headband or matching outfit, I will have enough time to research and purchase any additional items needed.

I am a mother of 3 boys. I pride myself on how much patience I have with children and especially sweet babies! I have spent hours researching newborn
photography, as well as hands on with mentors and
the years I have been doing newborn photography.

My priorities are safety, this includes the safety of props
and the handling of your tiny sweet babe. A stress free experience, as well as angles, lighting and equipment. The most important thing
I want you to take away from our time together
are the timeless beautiful images that I will create for you and your family.

We are going to have a wonderful time together!
The time and images we
create are priceless, I want you to have art in your
home that will last a lifetime
for your children to pass along to their children!
I am just over the moon to be able to do this for you!
Let’s smile, laugh and maybe even cry with tears
of sweet joy as we enjoy your newborn baby together!

A mere 48 hours in a newborns life is very crucial
when preparing them for their session.
I have witness many, many times after the 16 day mark, newborns have discovered the art of staying awake and hanging out! Once that happens…they won’t
let us curl them up in the cute little newborn poses, without a fight!

Still need to come in after the 10-16 day mark? No worries, my training and experience as a mom myself has taught me ways to soothe and nurture
the feistiest angels to sleep and beside who really doesn’t want to cuddle and hug these little human beings ALL DAY long!! It helps calm my own baby fever! ♥

What to expect before your session…

Birth Day!

I know you are just excited as I am to capture those little tiny fingers and toes while it last! Once you and baby have been giving the green light
to go home, please contact me right away to schedule a
definite date and time for your baby’s newborn session. Sessions are typically scheduled 2 to 4 days following your release. When scheduling the session the earlier the better. Younger newborns tend to do very well in the studio, oppose to a baby that is over 16 days old. They tend not to wake up frequently and as easily when getting them posed for the scene.

Durning your session…


Newborn sessions take place in my studio in Rogue River Or. It’s a custom design private studio which holds everything needed for your bundle
of joy! Sleepy, Hungry! Babies do very well in the studio for posing when they are in a very deep sleep.

To encourage this I will have my studio at a cozy 80F degrees! So bring layers, something light and summery. At home I want you to be stress free do your thing you do, don’t worry about keeping the baby awake, or keeping the baby hungry. Just go with your routine and relax!! Once you arrive you will get cozy and
while we chat you will feed your baby. Once burped, I will then start preparing him/her for their session.♥

Please do whatever you can to keep the noise to a minimum during our session.
Maintaining a calm environment is also a big key to a successful
newborn shoot. I do have white-noise app for white noise that I use keep
close to baby during the session to help soothe him or her. Babies love strong and rhythmic sound. Regulate the Temp! Since babies are sometimes photographed naked, the studio will be set at a temperature of 80F
to ensure baby is warm and comfortable. If we’re not sweating,
it’s probably not warm enough for baby! Parent’s please
make sure to wear comfortable loose clothing. Bring water and snacks.

I highly recommend to bring a Pacifier!
Even if your baby refuses a binkie for you they may
take it for me, they are one of my best tools for a successful session. As a newborn photographer, I just feel it’s tips that you as a parent can use to maximize
the time we have in the studio and in return you’ll be able to showcase and display
more than the average number of baby photos!

♥Poop Whisperer! That I have been called many times…lol but no
worries, it happens! This is completely natural for babies to use
blankets or props as there own personal potty. Please don’t feel embarrassed,
I reassure you it happens more times that I can remember. Know, I have 3 boys of my own, it was their never ending mission to make mommy there own
personal potty! Have a concern about sanitation? Don’t worry I wash all
used props and blankets after each newborn session with unscented detergent.


Safety is my utmost number one top priority when handling your baby,
so either mom or dad will be my spotter/assistant. All eyes and hands are to be kept around baby during posing. During the session I will be
handling and posing baby, but don’t worry I have plenty of experience handling a newborn, I have three boys of my own!

I will hold and care for your tiny sweet babe as if they were my own, I promise, Dad! Chances are you’ll be here close to 2-3 hours so I highly recommend
eating a good hearty breakfast before you arrive. If there are going to be siblings present please bring some extra snacks and maybe a toy or activity
they enjoy, (but no pens or markers.) I know this can be a very exciting and stressful time for you, especially when adding sleep deprivation in the mix!

As much as my goal is for baby to be comfortable, I also want you to be comfortable and at ease! Having me photograph these precious moments for you
means a lot to me, so anything I can do to make it a smooth journey for you, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Again thank you for giving
Katie Anne Photography the opportunity to capture these unforgettable
memories for a long time to come! ♥

What should baby where…?

Have your little onedressed in cozy PJ’s. Nothing too tight or with elastic waist bands that will leave marks. No need to worry about props or outfits. I will provide all of that. I have made sure that the items I make have bought from vender’s are made for newborns and are safe. As for parents and siblings, dress in either a solid white, cream, black, or gray top or tank.

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5 Tips for Including Older Siblings in a Newborn Session

5 Tips for Including Older Siblings in a Newborn Session

Your little family has added another member, and it’s so important to capture this moment in your life! One of the best things about newborn photos is it’s a great way to get new photos of the whole family, including any older siblings. But it can sometimes be a challenge for parents to encourage toddlers to cooperate with the photo session. That’s why we put together these five tips for including older siblings in your newborn shoot…

Make time for breaks.

Your newborn won’t be the only one who needs breaks. Have some snacks handy for older siblings, and give them a chance to step away from the camera and just play for a little while. Sometimes it’s best to do photos with the older sibling first, so they don’t get bored and agitated as the session goes on. Regardless of how your photographer organizes the session, be sure to include regular breaks throughout.

Let them do their own thing.

One of the most important things is not to force your older child to participate in the session. The last thing you want is a tantrum or a grumpy face in your photos! Instead, encourage them to participate without forcing them. You may be surprised how much they enjoy being involved on their own, and giving your older child space to explore and relax can result in more natural, genuine images of your family.

Encourage them to snuggle up.

Your older child may feel unsure or uncomfortable around the new baby, and a photo session can be a great way to help them loosen up and get to know their new sibling. Some of my favorite photos are images of the older sibling holding, kissing, or snuggling the new baby. Encourage them to gently touch the newborn and to get close, which can lead to a lot of giggles and smiles and some great photos.

Talk to them beforehand.

It’s so important to let your older children know what to expect from a photo session. Whether they love to be in front of the camera or are a little bit shy, talking to them in the days before your shoot about how things will go can really ease their minds and make them more comfortable with the photographer. Be sure to sit down with your older child throughout the week before your session and talk to them about how you’re going to have photos were taken and the importance of listening to both you and the photographer. With a little preparation, you may find that they’re excited to participate, which makes for wonderful photos!

Give them time in the spotlight

An older sibling of a newborn has often just become an older sibling, which means they’re still getting used to having a baby in the house. They may feel that their parents don’t pay as much attention to them with all the needs of their new sibling. Take time to make sure your older kids feel involved in the photo session, both in photos with your new baby and photos of the whole family together. Your newborn session is a great way to let older siblings know that it’s not just about your new addition, but about your growth as a family